Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Morning Glory Fiber Fil

As most of you know Walmart has stopped carrying Morning Glory fiber fil. I have found out that the only place to purchase Morning Glory is from the distributer, Marshall's Dry Goods, 888-744-8277. They sell a 5lb box for 11.21. Shipping is seperate. You can purchase a case of 20 for 14.13 a case that includes shipping but who has a barn to store it in? If you have a lot of friends in your area who are interested in purchasing a case it may be worth your while. In the meantime I sent an email to Walmart's customer service advising them of my displeasure of their decision to discontinue and asked if they don't want to carry it in their stores if they could at least sell it on line as Site to Store. Will get back if they respond.

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